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Welcome to GreenRF Solutions, where we’re transforming the way you heat your world with our radio frequency furnaces as an installation to new buildings or as an upgrade to your existing residential or Commercial Heat . Our furnaces not only provide heating but also offer a new level of convenience by allowing remote monitoring and control via WiFi and LAN. Enjoy a safer, more advanced world of heating with GreenRF Solutions!

We are turning the page on heating , We are not heat pump better then heat pump,

About Us

GreenRF Solutions Smart Heating, Cleaner Breathing

Our advanced radio frequency (RF) heating system is designed for easy serviceability, featuring removable panels that enable service technicians to swiftly access and replace components as needed. Our furnaces are 100% green, prioritizing your health and well-being. Unlike your traditional heat pump, our units are self-contained with over 300% efficiency. For those seeking Microwave heating in New Jersey,  our system provides an unparalleled solution

Every component of our unit helps heat your home or commercial space with minimal energy waste, reducing your carbon footprint, and lowering your energy bills by utilizing radio frequency technology. Heat Fusion  in Bloomingdale ensures that you receive the best service and support for our innovative heating solutions. Our furnaces are an environmentally responsible choice for heating, emitting zero greenhouse gases. You can easily monitor and control your heating system from anywhere, using your smartphone or computer.


This level of control enhances your comfort and allows for greater energy savings. Our furnaces boast a remarkable lifespan of 15 to 20 years, making them a sustainable choice for your heating needs. Along with serving the heating function and air purification, and contributing to a healthier environment, we also offer Commercial HVAC  in New Jersey.


Advanced Heating Perfected, Air Refreshed.

GreenRF Solutions offers innovative services designed to enhance your comfort and well-being. Revolutionize heating efficiency with our advanced radio frequency furnaces. Benefit from our specialized heat fusion services and advanced air purification solutions for radio frequency heaters.


Heat Fusion Sponsored by Green Rf Solutions

The heat recovery unit directs the heat removed from the oil cooling units for the high voltage transformers into the warm air flow of the heat unit, prior to the liquid to air heat exchanger. This process recovers approximately 95 of the power lost to heat therefore yields an efficiency 100+ percent. % the heat retention unit is comprised of the oil cooling unit for the high voltage transformers and is maintained at 210°F during operation.

Pathogen Eliminator Sponsored by Master Technologies LLC

The BRAVOI PATHOGEN ELIMINATOR offers schools a cost-effective, long-term solution to remove virus particles and wildfire smoke from indoor air without the significant expense of upgrading HVAC systems and the “energy penalty” associated with conditioning higher volumes of outside air. Unlike temporary portable air filters that are noisy and distracting, use valuable floor space, present trip hazards from electrical cords.

Why Choose Us

greenrf solutions turning the page in heating

The GRF Heating System offers many health benefits. Firstly, the heat exchanger does not boil the water from the air, maintaining a normal balance of humidity, which is good for people with joint ailments such as arthritis. It is also beneficial for those with respiratory ailments. Another advantage is the preservation of expensive wood furniture and paintings. Lastly, the GRF system provides a comfortable living space for people and pets year-round, making it ideal for heating in New Jersey.


Advanced Technology

Step into the future of heating with our advanced technology, delivering smart heat efficiency and performance to your home or business.

Healthier Air

Breathe easier with our services which remove harmful contaminants and allergens, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean, safe and fresh.


Save more with our cost-effective solutions, designed to not only lower your initial investment but also reduce your long-term heating costs.

Long Durability

Experience 15 to 20 years long comfort with our durable products, built to withstand the test of time and provide reliable heating for years to come.


Discover Our Advanced Heating Solutions Glances

Welcome to our gallery, where we showcase the advanced features and capabilities of our radio frequency furnaces. Explore our collection of YouTube videos to see firsthand how our furnaces function and can be controlled with ease. View high-quality images displaying the precision and durability of our heat fusion services from different angles.


Applause from Our Clients for Our Smart Solutions

Experience firsthand the satisfaction and trust our customers have in our services through our testimonials. Discover how our advanced technologies can make a difference in your home or business.

After researching various heating options, I chose GreenRF Solutions for their advanced technology. The control I have over my heating system from anywhere is amazing, and I love the healthier air in my home.

Emily S

GreenRF Solutions' advanced technology has made a significant impact on my business. The efficiency and reliability of their furnaces have saved us money and ensured a comfortable working environment for our employees.

David H

I had the pleasure of experiencing GreenRF Solutions' heat fusion service, and I must say, the durability of the bond are remarkable, and I would highly recommend their service.

Daniel K

Electromagnetic Energy Heating System GRF 5000

A green furnace heating system for fluid and conditioned air uses electromagnetic energy created by one or more magnetrons operated by High Voltage Transformers. The heating system includes nested fluid-filled conduits in communication with the magnetrons for heating of the fluid (Glycol and Oil). The heated fluid passes through a heat exchanger for heat transfer to the air being conditioned by the system. This green 0 emission in New Jersey system is a stand-alone sealed unit.

A Better Solution for Cleaning Air in Schools, Businesses and Hospitals

Bravo Pathogen Eliminators

The present invention is generally directed to an electromagnetic energy air sterilization system also using a 265nm UVC source as a first stage sterilization and a second stage 0.1 micron filter as a final stage. For example, the system can be configured to provide sterilized air for commercial, medical facilities, industrial, and residential applications, and it can be integrated with high efficiency in New Jersey to enhance overall air quality and energy efficiency.

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